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Amburgo, sunday 31/01/2016

7 pm

To whom it may concern

Film (17 min., Italy 2012, Italian language with English subtitles), will be present, the author of the film Zakaria Mohamed Ali,

Will show his film To whom it may concern and give a lecture about the work of AMM and his experience.

below the program of the exhibition:




Lampedusa sbarca a Rotterdam


Lampedusa, il film di Peter Schreiner (Sezione video) sbarcherà all’Internarional film festival di Rotterdam che si terrà dal 27 gennaio al 06 febbraio 2016. A breve i dettagli.


RIMA film festival

The RIMA Film festival will be showing short films directed BY migrants, to give a voice to unheard stories and realities.
A debate with the public and in the presence of the film director, Zakaria Mohamed Ali will take place after the projections.